Play-Along with Solana

Play along with Solana on each simplified song and tune from Dragonfly. 18 songs and tunes in all. 

Finger Closeups

Solana plays each tune slowly, with closeups on her fingers so you can pick the fingerings up as you go.

All Together

Finally, play along as Solana plays through the tune a bit faster, this time with guitar backup.

This Course is For You If ...

  • You love the songs from "Dragonfly" and want to learn them

  • You enjoy learning tunes by ear rather than with sheet music

  • You own a D penny whistle

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Sample Lesson

Learn how to play "Huckleberry Everything" from the Alaska Set.

Your Instructor: Solana Gothard

With a love for singing from a young age, Solana naturally became the Gothard Sisters' lead singer. Along with training as a classical violinist and competitive Irish dance, Solana was greatly influenced by listening to World and New-age albums. Her knack for bringing a unique character to a song’s arrangement led her to learn an assortment of instruments, focusing mainly on vocals, whistles and percussion. 

Solana enjoys video editing, creating media content, and music production. She loves travel, and connecting with audiences through music and the energy of live performances. 

Course Pricing

✨ About The Band ✨

The Gothard Sisters are a dynamic musical group of three sisters who play contemporary Celtic folk music. Through over 10 years of performing, touring and writing music together, the optimistic style of their music and performances continue to resonate with their fans, building a loyal international following. 

Their latest album, Dragonfly, features the sisters playing an assortment of acoustic instruments and vocals combined with modern production to create music exploring themes of resilience and adventure. 

The Gothard Sisters have performed in venues across the United States, including a concert at the Kennedy Center's Millennium stage in Washington DC, performances with Disney Cruise line in Europe, and a 20-city concert tour of Japan in 2019.

Blending Celtic, folk, classical and new age musical influences, the Gothard Sisters bring songs to life with violin, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bodhran, djembe, whistle and vocal harmonies, creating music that is "vivid, inspirational and captivating." (Tim Carroll, Folk Words Review 2018) 

Writing and recording near their home in the Pacific Northwest, the band has released 8 albums and has performed over 1,000 live shows over the course of their career.